Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rural Week Post 5: The Feelings Back Home

The feelings of culture shock did not end with returning to Nairobi, in fact they really only intensified. We were all exhausted, both physically and mentally, and were all facing his feeling of “Wow. Did that really happen?” During the week time moved so slow, but when we returned the week flew by. This was also the point in our semester where our schedules shifted. We are interning full time now, and done with classes. We are facing the remained of our semester and the amount is incredibly tangible. We always looked at rural week as this experience that was so far away, but it happened. It was done.

All of this was incredibly overwhelming. Incredibly. I talked to many friends here about these feelings that are hard to capture in words, but it was a combination of being sad because our days are numbered and this desire to not go home. We are comfortable here now, and now we have an incredibly limited number of weekends remaining. While talking it out with friends, it really was my mom who made my attitude change. I want to share something she sent me, because of how important it was:

“Going home doesn't make it less special, it gives you needed perspective to make good decisions. Feel the feelings and enjoy the moments. Then step back and think about what you can do once you further your education.”

Incredible advice, that help me overcome that post-rural week hump.

Photos from my week click here.

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